What I Learned in Law School Is . . .

As we look forward to graduating from law school within these final weeks, there is much to look back on. Law school was one of the most interesting, informative, and transformative experiences of my life, and as I prepare to walk down the aisle and accept my degree, I can’t help but reflect back on this time with appreciation.


A well-rounded education is absolutely necessary to the success of a budding attorney’s career. We can always prepare for the bar exam and go on interviews at the top law firms, but what really matters—what our foundation as future attorneys is built on—is our education.


Over the last three years as a law student, I’ve learned that tenacity and keeping an open mind are two critical aspects of being a successful lawyer. After having been chosen for multiple summer internships over the course of my career as a law student, I’ve come to find that this dedication to your clients, no matter what area we eventually practice in, matters most.


Always keeping in mind why we chose to be lawyers—to do the right thing— is something I have found is often lost at some point down the line. Whether you want to be an car accident lawyer in Orange County, a criminal defense lawyer in Boston, or a family law attorney in Seattle, we must remember our eagerness to fight for our future clients.


The world is a tough place, made significantly more difficult when a person is injured, facing criminal charges, or other otherwise is struggling legally. If we can be that beacon of hope for a person or family who desperately needs assistance and guidance during this challenging time in their lives, we should.


Graduating at the top of my class at Stanford Law this year, I am proud of my accomplishments, the relationships I’ve made, my experiences as an intern, and the opportunities afforded to me by graduating at one of the Top 14 law schools of 2020.


I hope that other law students who read this will take a moment to reflect on your time as a law student, consider what you really want your life to look like as an attorney, and then stop at nothing to live the life you have dreamed of. Helping others is a privilege that countless people do not have. If we collectively recognize this privilege and are humbled by it, we can really make a difference as we enter into the next phase of our lives.